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Animated SVG Exporter

Export fully animated SVG files from Flash Pro (scripts not exported)

Export fully animated SVG files from Flash Pro (scripts not exported)

Export animated SVG files from Flash Pro using this export panel.

To Use the tool:
- Open panel through menus, Window > Extensions > SVG Animation
- Open the FLA you wish to use and navigate to the timeline you wish to export
- Select suitable options
- Click export button

Please note, you must export from a Flash document (not HTML Canvas or WebGL).
This is because certain scripting features are unavailable in newer document types.
If you want to export content that is already in an HTML-based document, please copy and paste the layers into a Flash-based document before export.

There will be more information about the various options included in a later version, but it is fairly self explanatory.

Flash features not supported:
- Actionscript Code
- Bevel filter
- Drop Shadow filter
- Gradient Bevel filter
- Gradient Bevel filter
- Filter property tweens
- Custom easing more than 2 control points

Some of the supported Flash features:
- Classic motion/color tweens
- Newer type motion tweens are converted to keyframes but are now supported
- Images and bitmap fills
- Adjust color filter
- Blur filter
- Glow filter
- Color transforms
- Color tweens
- Masks
- Ease in/out on classic tweens
- Custom easing with 1 or 2 control points
- Embedded bitmaps (i.e. image data fully embedded in SVG file)
- Embedded Audio (requires JS at playback time)

For more info and more recent versions, see the open-source home of the project here:



Fixed issue with v2017 changes to String.replace() (#28)

Fixed issue with transform in drawing objects (#16)
Fixed issue with ”Convert text to outlines” (#21)
Fixed duration issue (#29)

Fixed for frame-by-frame animation issue
Disabled 32 keyframe limit as Chrome seems to have fixed this

Workaround for Firefox leading zeroes duration issue (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1317652)
Added more helpful information to non-AS3 document error

For CC users:
Window > Extensions > SVG Animation

For CS6 users:
Window > Other Panels > SVG

If the option does not appear in this location, it is probably related to language settings in Adobe Extension Manager, please check this post for manual install instructions: