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Local Contrast - ALCE

ALCE - Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer for Photoshop

ALCE - Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer for Photoshop


An easy-to-use and powerful Photoshop tool to effectively improve and finely tune the Local Contrast of an image, by means of a smart algorithm which avoids the clipping issues typical of other methods. The user interface is simple and clean, with just one slider and an opacity value, allowing the user to customize the effect in a straightforward way.

The algorithm analyzes the image through a user-defined value (called ”radius”). Such radius defines a neighborhood of interest, and within that area a contrast-enhancing manoeuvre is carried out without any clipping. This way, highlight details are safe and enriched, while the structure of shadows is boosted and yet preserves the original information.

It can be recorded in Actions, and with the bundled ALCE Automation Service panel folders of images can be processed in batch.

Examples, tutorial, documentation at www.cs-extensions.com



V 2.3.1 - May 2014
- Compatibility update

V 2.3.0 - May 2014
- Support for the new HTML Panels technology required by Photoshop CC

V 2.2.1 - February 2014
- Fixed ”random darker border bug” on OSX Mavericks when Turbo is selected

V 2.2 - October 2013
- Compatibility update
- Fixed text overlay in the Batch window

V 2.1.3 - April 2013
- Compatibility update
- Fixed links in the About window

V 2.1.2 - January 2013
- Renamed as ”Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer” (formerly ”ALCE”) for the Adobe Exchange store only.
- Added panel's flyout menu with Documentation, Video tutorials, Website (www.cs-extensions.com).
- Revised EULA
Photoshop CS6 known bug (Creative Cloud: 13.1.2 and Perpetual Customers: 13.0.4 Mac and 13.0.3 PC): it crashes when you open the Info or Settings button, please use flyout menu instead (panel's top-right corner).
In CS6, the Batch window may show text overlay in the Save Option section. Please select a File Type and everything will be ok again.

V 2.1.1 - June 2012
- Added support for CS6
- Few cosmetic changes, it now also synchronizes with dark/light Photoshop CS6 Themes
- Preferences can be saved as default values (Radius, Opacity, Turbo)
- Radius up to 500 (not recommended, but few asked about it)
Known bugs: in CS6, the Batch window may show text overlay in the Save Option section. Please select a File Type and everything will be ok again.

V 2.1 - May 2011
- Added support for CS5.1 (in Creative Suite 5.5 bundles)
- ALCE1 no longer exists, ALCE2 supports now CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.1
- ALCE can be recorded into an action
- Added ”Turbo (Softer)” options to speed up even more the processing of high radii and to get a less harsh effect
- Added Opacity control
- Dropped the ”Radius Extended Range” checkbox, the slider behavior is now non-linear

V 2.0 - November 2010
- Added native support for CS5.
- New batch window.
- Really faster algorithm!
- Radius now up to 350 (used to be 200)
- Colorimetrically more accurate in bright, saturated areas.
- Brand new set of training videos by Marco Olivotto.
- Auto-update via Adobe Extension Manager (CS5 only).
- Bugfix: it runs even if a single channel is selected.

V 1.0 - December 2009
- First release for CS4 (panel) and CS3 (script).
- Two training videos by Davide Barranca.

Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer (aka: ALCE)
© 2013 Davide Barranca | www.cs-extensions.com

You can find ALCE (as a panel) in the Window - Extensions menu.

ALCE can be run from the Filter menu as well (this is mandatory if you plan to record it into an Action)

ALCE Automation Service can be either launched from the ALCE panel (click the Batch button) or found as a standalone item in the Filter menu.

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