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WideAngleVideo2 panel for Photoshop CS6

WideAngleVideo2 panel for Photoshop CS6

• Photoshop CC version named WideAngleVideo3 available here: http://bit.ly/18HZbMN

This panel provides wide angle video distortion correction.
It lets you configure and automate the process.
It was originally designed for the GoPro camera but can be used for any camera that uses a Wide Angle Lens.

More infos and tutorials on this panel are available here: http://kimtag.com/wideangle



This panel is the new version of WideAngleVideo (http://bit.ly/O4Gha6), with a much cleaner UI completely built in HTML and created with Adobe Configurator.

After installation open Photoshop and go to Window > Extensions > WideAngleVideo2

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