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Parametric Curves

Build mathematically defined (Javascript) Curves Adjustment layers.

Build mathematically defined (Javascript) Curves Adjustment layers.

Parametric Curves is a script that lets you draw math functions as Curves Adjustment Layers.
Why? Mix them with Gradients, 3D Depth Maps, Displacement Filter, Animations and the fun begins.
See here the examples: http://bit.ly/ZuYLYB

(Find it in the Filter menu!)



Version History

1.1.0 - August 2016
Fixed layout issues with CC

1.0.2 - October 2013
- Compatibility update

1.0.1 - April 2013
- Compatibility update

1.0.0 - March 2013
- First release, Mac/PC
- Text area for custom functions as f(x), ranged 0-255 and already rounded.
- Presets with thumbnails (users can add their preferred curves as New Presets)
- Javascript Math Object Reference
- Curves Display Options (Light / Pigment - Ink%)

Please find Parametric Curves in the Filter menu.

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