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Nicolesy Sun Flare Actions

A set of 10 lens-flare Photoshop Actions

A set of 10 lens-flare Photoshop Actions


This set of actions for Adobe® Photoshop® are perfect for photographers who use Photoshop and want to add a little bit of ”flare” to their images. Each preset will add realistic lens flare, as well as color and tonal enhancements. These actions will work in any file type inside of Photoshop (RAW, JPEG, PSD, TIF, etc.), and will work equally well on vertical, horizontal and square images. They also come with both left and right-sided lens flares to work perfectly for your unique compositions.

All actions are fully customizable and will keep your existing layers intact, which means your image will not be flattened after running the action. This product will work in Photoshop CS3 and upwards.

For more information and before-and-after photos, please go to http://store.nicolesy.com/sun-flare/”>http://store.nicolesy.com/sun-flare/



After installation, restart Photoshop and go to Window > Actions
Click on the menu drop-down in the top-right of the Actions panel and select the Nicolesy actions which are in this menu.