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April 27, 2015

Imagine you can create digital film emulations without dealing with complex software. Lightroom Presets are your best assistant in creating any kind of analog or modern look with just one click.
To build up a sustainable imagery these days requires a lot more than just a portfolio and website. Our Lightroom Presets will help you transform your images into stunning visuals for you and your audience.
We've created a range of different Lightroom Presets that we would be happy to share with you. Presets are a very useful learning tool and a powerful time saver if you know exactly what style you want to achieve.
Our mission at FLP is to set new standards for Lightroom Presets that help anyone cut down their editing time. From pro photographers who are working on new assignments, to rookies pickin'up a camera for the first time.
Sharing is caring, we only publish excellent Presets that we use for ourselves. We listen to you and are constantly developing new Presets for better post-processing results.