Joe Mauro

October 09, 2013

Owner/Developer Pencil Pixels
I found, after many years, the way to turn images into pencil drawings and paintings. In the process I also found other mediums can be recreated. Comics, airbrush, watercolor, metals and more. Through Photoshop, I can redraw the world. In doing this, I can also allow others to redraw their own parts of the world.
Pencil Pixels develops Photoshop Scripts and Actions that emulate painting techniques, stylized cartoon effects and numerous pencil transformations. The Pencil Pixels' software is key to expanding the versatility of an art department's library of images by applying the effects on stock photos, corporate photography and product images. Photographers can expand their service offerings by applying the One-Click Scripts for wedding, portraits and sports booster shots.
Since then, We've sold these actions in a large number of countries and development has continued. If you have the inclination, I'd like you to revisit Most of the new work is now being published as Photoshop scripts. It has allowed for a greater range of effects while remaining compatible with versions CS1 through CC, as well as foreign language versions.