Wiredrive Inc.

April 07, 2016

The Wiredrive story begins in 1999 with Bill Sewell, Taylor Tyng, and Mitch Bassett creating a design agency called IOWA (Input Output Web Applications) that grew to serve the nation’s top ad agencies and production companies. Like many agencies, IOWA needed a better way to share large images and videos with clients, and a way to collect feedback or approval. As a matter of business necessity, they built a precursor to Wiredrive — a system that would flawlessly share large files and serve as a single spot to collaborate and collect all reviews for a project.
Once clients experienced this new solution, they immediately wanted it for themselves. Demand grew so much that by 2008, the IOWA team exited their still thriving agency business to focus exclusively on Wiredrive.
Today, Wiredrive helps more than 1,500 customers around the world share and collaborate more effectively. The company is based in Los Angeles with additional offices in New York and London. And Bill, Taylor, and Mitch are still combining their talents – along with the talents of a growing team – to help clients create, organize, and share great work.