Vad Yakupov

October 02, 2014

I like a Muse, and I empower that by widgets
By Vadim Yakupov
  • 3DPerspectiveShow transforms the page to display the background content. A widget that provides additional space on the site with stunning animation. This widget will not leave anyone indifferent..
  • Add an animation to an element when one goes to hover state.
  • Automatic opening of the Lightbox when opening a site that is able to store a user (the next time it will not open).
  • This is a widget that locates and displays the city / state / country in the page.
  • Add animation header or separator of dots and lines to your site.
  • Enjoy up to 50% of applications using this widget.
  • Full Page Scroll is a widget that allows you to scroll from block to block. Block is a section with 100% screen height. Such sites you can meet on Apple's Landing.
  • Generates links so that when you go to the previous page follow is not blocked. This widget is especially important for teachers and on-line trainers who have a lot of number of pages of educational content.
  • NaviMenuButton adds an animatable button which changes icon when clicked on.
  • NeoTransitions 3.7 for Adobe Muse is a widget, which allows you to do amazing transitions between sections on one page.
  • This widget allows you to activate pop-up notifications when viewing the page.
  • Widget animates transitions between pages of the site.
  • Spread your logo into small particles on mouse press. WOW-effect to capture the visitor's attention, guaranteed.
  • Opens a dialog box when you close the page with your proposal, e.g. "Wait, do not forget about the super gift / discount".
  • Snapping FX - widget add effects of blur, opacity, grayscale and others when drag slide with Snapping Menu Widget
  • Insert a floating side menu with the help of this widget.
  • 3 in 1 = NaviMenuButton + Snapping Menu + Snapping FX for Adobe Muse
  • This widget adds a stylish magnifier for your site. It is ideal for images with fine details. Also it is useful for high quality photos that need special attention. And of course you can upload animated gif files.
  • WowScrolling extends scroll effects beyond recognition.