December 08, 2016

I am a designer, photographer, dog mom, and wife. Photography is my passion, my creative outlet, my career, my life. My love for photography & film began 15 years ago when I took my first photography class. I used a Nikon F5 which at that time I had to borrow from my high school. I immediately became obsessed with documenting everything. The entire process of developing my own film, to enlarging my own images was like magic to me. I had the most amazing teacher, she was kind, technical, and artistic. I continued my eduction in photography and design at the Art Institute in Seattle, WA. From that point I have never been without a camera.
To me film is special in a way that digital photography is not. Film feels for like an exact memory, the way I feel photography should be. I strive to make minimal adjustments to my work, which is why I love using Lightroom. I encourage others to better their technique, and learn their camera to achieve better in camera results so minimal editing is all they will need to achieve their desired look. For my style of photography I underexpose my images slightly to achieve beautiful skin tones when I apply my filters.
I hope you enjoy what I have created and stay tuned for more!