Photographers Helper

March 21, 2017

I am a full time Newborn Photographer in Portland, Or and a Full time Mom. At my in home Studio I shoot anywhere from 10- 25 newborn portrait sessions each week. I remember just starting out and day dreaming about being where my studio has grown to today. At First it was just in my living room, now I have an entire room dedicated with backdrops, lighting, props, and different flooring options. None of this success I have been able to achieve would have been possible without consistency in my work. If you can consistently produce great work your clients they will keep coming back and drive more clients to you.
I wanted to be able to share the same editing process I use at my home studio with other fellow Newborn Photographers to help them achieve great consistent editing results too! The first place your image starts is in camera. For my in Camera settings I always try to use a low F stop to produce a soft bokeh background effect. If you are shooting in manual then the portrait or aperture priority mode will work great.