September 21, 2021

Highground Industries has provided fine typefaces, brushes, stock images, vector illustrations, templates & custom multimedia design since 1997.
  • This 3 font set consists of blockbuster graffiti characters inspired by old school Hip-Hop fliers & breakdancing memorabilia.
  • The Burner font family is a layered type system of 155 wildstyle graffiti letters, numbers, symbols & flourishes in each of 5 styles.
  • Created to emulate the captions that often accompany full scale, spray paint pieces & productions, this simple graffiti style is legible & smooth.
  • Descent is a vertical graffiti style, layered type system with contextual alternates providing up to eighteen variants of any text.
  • Fresh graffiti handstyle presented in a rough, paintbrush style. 2 alphabets of bold, legible letters convey fast, organic motion with detailed streaks.
  • MildStyle is a simplistic take on a Graffiti Wildstyle presented in the form of a layered type system.
  • The Paint Cans™ Graffiti Font features over 200 letters, numbers & other characters in a rough paintbrush style.
  • The Grimm family is a blackletter inspired graffiti style built for headline and display. All 3 styles include initial, terminal and isolated letter variations.
  • Created in 1999, one of the first graffiti style fonts ever created. Each of the 5 styles; original, fill, outline, fat 3d & fade contains 238 characters.
  • This array of 100 high resolution, real spray paint brushes for Photoshop, Procreate & GIMP was crafted from a combination of digital renderings & sample specimen
  • The Strokes Family includes 4 very, very, very highly detailed styles. This family of fonts was built to emulate fast strokes with a wide paint brush or chisel-tip marker