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ObservePoint’s WebAssurance automatically looks for errors and gaps in reporting caused by implementation errors, unauthorized vendors or outdated technologies.

ObservePoint’s WebAssurance automatically looks for errors and gaps in reporting caused by implementation errors, unauthorized vendors or outdated technologies.

Data collection is hard. WebAssurance™ makes it easy.

As any data analyst in the trenches will admit, data governance is hard. Reports from different analytics tools often don’t match. Tracking breaks, impacting reporting and site functionality. Manual audits are expensive, time-consuming and stil prone to human error. With WebAssurance™ by ObservePoint - a data quality assurance solution that audits your web properties - you can automatically validate your digital data and gain confidence in the numbers that drive your critical business decisions. WebAssurance™ can identify:

  • Missing or duplicate web tags

  • All custom and third-party tags

  • Inaccurate implementation variables

  • Tag and page performance

  • And more...


Maximize Your Investments

  • Tag Implementation Reports - Identify missing and present tags, duplicate and multiple requests,and various tag versions.

  • Vendor Discovery - Locate and list all vendor tags on your site to monitor implementations.

  • Regression Testing - Compare your current site to a baseline to view overall performance.

  • Video Audits - Configure video audits in minute and create malfunction alerts.

Trust Your Data

  • Discovery Audits - Scan your site automatically to uncover errors and gaps in your data.

  • Historical Reporting - Review point-in-time data from each audit for progress comparison

  • Notifications - Alert your team immediately to malfunctions in your data collection.

Protect Against Data Loss

  • Rules Engine - Create custom, automated rules to run against implementations.

  • Vendor Compliance - Measure third-party variables to confirm they are in compliance.

  • Data Loss Prevention - Scan your site for missing, outdated or unauthorized tags.

Be More Efficient

  • Automated Audits - Schedule audits to scan customizable segments of web properties.

  • Tag Hierarchy - View all the tag relationships across single-page scans.

Create a Better User Experience

  • Status Code Report- Find broken links and redirects that negatively impact revenue and interrupt user

  • Mobile Testing - Simulate mobile traffic and critical user paths.

  • Page Load Time - Eradicate slow-loading pages that push users to navigate away.

  • JS Error Check - Find JS errors that interrupt the user experience and inhibit tracking.

Verify Critical Customer Paths

  • User Journeys - Recreate user paths to verify functionality and analytics integration.

  • Action Validation - Replicate and validate individual user clicks and activities.

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