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ContentQA adds Preview server to preview/QA the Production content prior to going LIVE. It supports the separation of duties.

ContentQA adds Preview server to preview/QA the Production content prior to going LIVE. It supports the separation of duties.

In the CMS world of Adobe AEM, we create content in production. While the bottom up model works well with conventional Application Server managed systems, it is not the right solution for Content Managed systems. It poses a challenge to effectively QA content changes with the proper approval process.

Agile Zone's ”ContentQA” Adobe AEM add-on solution solves this problem. It is created with essential CMS functions in mind — Author, Approver and Publisher. ”ContentQA” provides secure and simple interfaces for authors, approvers, and publishers. By establishing a reliable system to separate production content roles, ”ContentQA” offers a robust and comprehensive solution for production content quality assurance.

”ContentQA” converts one of the existing (or new) production AEM publish servers into a preview server. Once an author has changed content, ”ContentQA” provides a lightweight, easy-to-use approval interface for quick and easy approval or disapproval of those changes. If proposed changes are rejected, ContentQA notifies the author via email that a proposed change is disapproved and must be re-done. If changes are approved, those changes can go live once the approval process is complete.

At the Author level, ”ContentQA” augments AEM's OOTB Author server with an easy-to-use Author interface that allows new content to be sent for approval to the Publish server.

”ContentQA” also adds an approver interface on the AEM Publish server to streamline the approval of new production content once the quality assurance process is complete. This interface is the same as the end-user or consumer interface, so the approver knows exactly what she is approving and how it will look and behave when it goes LIVE and is available to the end user.

To learn more about ContentQA, please visit http://www.agilezone.com.
You can contact us via our website http://www.agilezone.comundefinedcontact or emails us at sales@agilezone.com

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