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ULM® - User Lifecycle Management®
UXP Systems Inc.

The ULM® platform provides an evolutionary approach beyond traditional IAM systems, enabling contextual relationships between users and their digital devices and services

The ULM® platform provides an evolutionary approach beyond traditional IAM systems, enabling contextual relationships between users and their digital devices and services

The ULM® platform is a robust horizontal user management solution that resides above existing customer management or billing infrastructure, managing a data repository of user identities and their entitlements to various accounts, services, and features, all in one centralized and unified place. The platform includes comprehensive out of the box processes that are used to manage the identity lifecycle for every user, with an easy to use interface to create, configure and manage new and existing processes. While the solution includes a complete, standards compliant identity and access management function within ULM® - including multi-factor authentication and authorization to any service on any device - it also includes a best-in-class group management and sharing capability, allowing users to create groups (e.g. families), invite users and delegate and revoke access at a granular level to their accounts and services.

Critical for companies aggregating multiple service offerings for their users, the platform also includes a multiservice gateway to link users to downstream services, enabling rich personalization of service experiences, seamlessly across services.

Lastly, the platform recognizes the power of interaction audit and logging at a user level, capturing every single user interaction across any service or device, providing unparalleled insight on user behavior. This is conducted within the governance of individual user privacy settings in compliance with the companies own or established privacy standards.

The result is a unified user management layer across all services that delivers:

- A Digital Relationship with Every User
- Groups, Roles, Delegation and Federation
- User Level Entitlement Management
- New User Acquisition & Engagement Models
- Seamless Digital User Journeys
- Multidimensional Identity & Access
- Privacy & Personalization
- User level Data Capture

Release Notes:

ULM Version 6.1 Release Highlights

- A powerful new Process Designer and out-of-the-box reference process library to enable the simple configuration of digital user journeys with a visual editor. This permits low-touch / low-cost process development while improving competitive agility and reduced time to market.

- User Experience Data Records - UXDR® has been completely redesigned to greatly expand the depth and breadth of activity data collection to improve insights into a user’s journey through a portal or other customer facing user experience. These upgrades bring enhanced data capture to facilitate better business intelligence insight along with opening up new opportunities for user activity reporting, machine learning, next-best action engines and more detailed operational reporting.

- User-Managed Privacy - ULM now addresses the mandates of GDPR and other privacy regulatory requirements as they relate to the digital user. This release further enhances these capabilities with centralized user privacy and consent controls, providing a holistic user first approach through a privacy dashboard.

- Frictionless Sourcing of digital identity - ULM addresses the growing data breach and threat environment with improved methods to provide authentication and entitlement authorization. ULM’s Adaptive Access Management combines dynamic risk-based authentication with extra layers of security involving environmental factors and out-of-the-box password, as well as password-less 2 factor authentication.

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