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Comscore Audience Segments

Comscore's person-level insights — based on digital, TV and OTT behaviors — help you complete targeting profiles with demographic and advanced audience data.

Comscore's person-level insights — based on digital, TV and OTT behaviors — help you complete targeting profiles with demographic and advanced audience data.

Strategic targeting requires insight into consumer demographics, behaviors and interests – in a single view. To reach the right person with your campaign, you need reliable data that crosses platforms as effortlessly as your consumers.

Age & Gender
Valid Human

Quality: Multi-sourced approach prevents any singular bias.
Accuracy: Adjustments made for cookie deletion and multi-user devices enable more accurate reporting of person-level demographics
Trusted: Same underlying methodology as our MRC-accredited measurement
Performance: As proven across various measurement solutions, to consistently deliver higher in-target rates

TV Viewing Insights
300+ TV Networks
TV Dayparts and Show Genres
Movie Genres
Live TV Events
Ad Exposure
Custom Segments based on series or telecast

Quality: Passively-collected second by second deterministic set-top-box viewership data across 65 million televisions. Multiple data sources prevents any singular bias.
Accuracy: Comscore has stringent data hygiene practices that we apply to our ratings solutions, which is the source of these audience segments. Combining this with cutting edge data science and massive scale results in more accurate audiences.
Representative: Footprint that covers 99% of all US zip codes. Does not require viewers to have Wi-Fi or opt-in, ensuring data is representative of US population, not just affluent HHs
Performance: In addition to helping you to deliver a unified message across platforms, these segments have proven effectiveness in increasing reach, improving lead generation/conversions and reducing cost per lead.

OTT & Gaming Consumption
OTT Provider
OTT & SVOD Consumption Intensity
Gaming Intensity

Innovative: The Total Home Panel allows Comscore to integrate new tech behaviors as they emerge and helps clients build innovative targeting strategies around growing behavioral trends like OTT and gaming
Quality: Total Home Panel passively captures rich, deterministic, cross-device insights.
Representative: Nationally-distributed and captures all Wi-Fi devices in a household

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