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HG Data Audience
HG Data / HG Insights

Target by installed business technology and other past purchases to discover and close opportunities faster with HG Data.

Target by installed business technology and other past purchases to discover and close opportunities faster with HG Data.

HG Data Audience
Every day, HG Data uses its proprietary platform to index billions of unstructured business-related documents from offline and online resources. We go well beyond the digital signature information commonly found on public websites, processing content such as case studies, press releases, content libraries, government filings, and more to produce a detailed and accurate profile of the business needs, past purchases, installed technologies, and other habits and interests of companies worldwide.

Target Your B2B Display More Precisely to Identify and Close Opportunities Faster
HG Data Audience segments allow B2B advertisers to hyper-target prospective customers or entire market categories with online advertising based on the installed technologies and other past purchases or business conditions tracked by HG Data. This means you can easily reach users of competing or complementary products and services to your own with the most relevant messaging.
With over 88MM business technology installations discovered at 13MM companies, we create detailed private segments beyond the category-level segments syndicated here in Adobe. We derive segments based on:

• 8,000+ products
• 4,000+ vendors
• 70MM+ business decision makers and influencers for audience creation
• 1MM+ other past purchases by category, vendor, or product name
• And much more

In addition to using HG Data Audience segments based on our industry-leading tech install and past purchase data, you can also build segments based on standard firmographics or the functional area of the decision makers that align with campaign objectives.

HG Data Audience Use Cases
• Target ads directly to your competitor's existing customers
• Display your ads to users of products that are interoperable or complementary to your own offering
• Engage potential buyers before they start the buyer's journey
• Deliver specific, relevant messages and offers to a carefully cultivated audience of decision makers, influencers, and users
• Address companies that have attended or exhibited at specific industry events

Release Notes:

Summer 2018

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