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Mediawide Creative Management Platform for AEM
Mediawide Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Mediawide Creative Management Platform (CMP) enables brands, agencies and publishers to build, customize, distribute and measure their print and digital creatives.

Mediawide Creative Management Platform (CMP) enables brands, agencies and publishers to build, customize, distribute and measure their print and digital creatives.

The Mediawide Creative Management Platform (CMP) can create localized digital banner ads, personalized videos, AEM Screens and customized print-based collateral.

Products and Solutions

With AEM as the backend content storage and user management platform, Mediawide offers the ability for local dealers, local offices, satellite offices or branches to localize, customize and personalize Web Banner Ads, Social Assets, Print Assets, Digital Signage and Personalized Videos.

Mediawide reduces the costs involved with marketing collateral creation, accelerates marketing collateral creation for faster time to market, and therefore increases market responsiveness and effectiveness.

Panel, Plug-ins/Solutions Integrated with Adobe Products

By utilizing Adobe Experience Manager as an asset store, along with user management for granular permissions, the Mediawide Platform sits on top of AEM with its own UI for simple and easy access to the creatives, local users require.

Rich Web Display Ads can be created and managed on the platform, with the ability of local users to localize the content and message. Integration with the Adobe InDesign Server allows corporate fonts to be used within the display ads, as these are converted to SVG on output. With a single html file created with Base-64 encoded images sent to Adobe Campaign, these created Display Ads are seamlessly merged with campaigns ready for use.

Personalized videos can also be generated within the platform, templates are again used which conform to corporate brand standards and can be customized and localized either by manual methods, or part of a process/workflow.

These personalized video templates can be generated either from the Mediawide Animation Toolkit, or direct from Adobe After Effects. Mediawide Animation Toolkit can export either HTML5, or MP4, with HTML5 videos having the additional benefit of interactivity – buttons, widgets and other interactive elements can be added. Whereas if Adobe After Effects is used for creation of templates, these videos are exported as MP4.

Print Assets such as brochures, leaflets, handouts, adverts, billboards etc can also be generated within the platform. These are InDesign based templates, and the platform utilizes the Adobe InDesign Server to render the final customized and localized PDFs, along with JPG, PNG preview/thumbnails, and of course the INDD file which can be checked-out or checked-in to the system.

Mediawide also includes technology to dynamically resize print-based jobs. When templates are created, rules are assigned directly in the Adobe InDesign template to re-position frames, resize frames, and then re-flow the content of those frames. The user can then use the system to select the template, customize and localize the contents as per standard templates, but then choose a new height and width of the job. The system will then use the Adobe InDesign Server and Mediawide server plug-ins to resize the new job and apply the rules specified in template to make the new asset brand compliant. These new jobs are saved as a PDF, JPG, PNG etc, and importantly the INDD file is also saved, so any tweaking can be performed directly in Adobe InDesign,

Automation is also possible within the platform through Batch Adaptation – a method of using a feed file to import and generate thousands of customized, localized or personalized assets. These data files can also contain new height and widths to dynamic resizing can occur. For digital ads, automation can occur through Dynamic Creative Optimization, with links to Adobe Advertising Cloud.

Integration with Adobe Experience Manager

Mediawide CMP is integrated with Adobe Experience Manager
• AEM for digital management system and approvals management workflow
• AEM Screens to customize creative designs using Adobe After Effects

Key Differentiators

Mediawide is the only solution offering a complete end-to-end creative management platform. With Print, Digital Ads, and Video, Mediawide offers all customization's and personalization's to all mediums.

Mediawide is the only platform where corporations can utilize custom fonts, and still supply Display Ads to Google and other web platforms through automation, with complete confidence. Mediawide dynamic resizing is industry leading technology contained within Adobe InDesign Server Plug-ins.

The Mediawide Platform can use either Mediawide Animation Toolkit templates, or Adobe After Effects templates to generate personalized videos.

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