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Sinch SMS Messaging Services for Adobe Campaign

Sinch brings businesses and people closer with tools enabling personal engagement.

Sinch brings businesses and people closer with tools enabling personal engagement.

We are Sinch, a global leader in cloud communications for mobile customer engagement, offering a seamless customer experience on any channel. Our cloud communications platform reaches every mobile phone on the planet, in seconds or less, through mobile messaging or voice and video calling.

We're trusted to deliver 30 billion engagements a year, serving 1000+ enterprise customers including 8 out of 10 of the largest US tech companies.

SINCH SMS MESSAGING - Use SMS to send personal messages to customers around the world, right when they need it.

The Essentials

One-way SMS
If you don't need a reply, one-way SMS can come in handy. Notify customers globally & make it personal by using your brand as sender.
Two-way SMS
Turn your message into an engaging conversation by letting customers reply to you right there on the spot and start a conversation.
Tier 1 super network
With over 250 direct carrier relationships we cut out the middleman & bring your messages directly to phones across the world - fast & with supreme quality.
Carrier grade platform
Run your operation at breakneck speed on a platform that's robust, secure & fast. That means minimum downtime & a service that scales with your needs.
Easy to use API's
Our API's make direct customer contact through SMS a walk in the park, leaving you with more time to grow your business.
Global compliance
Our platform has roots in all corners of the world. That gives you the freedom to choose where to send messages, in compliance with regulations & with customers data in safe hands - both in flight and at rest.
Cost prioritization
Sometimes delivering messages a second faster doesn't matter that much, so cut down on speed when you don't actually need it. It's a great money-saver.
Speed prioritization
If your new customer needs to wait for a verification code to get going, the experience is completely reliant on that message. We can guarantee it gets delivered fast. It's worth the extra bucks!
Safety first
Together with carriers, regulators and industry bodies we take an active part in working for a clean ecosystem. Preventing fraud and spam ultimately ensures that you and your customers can enjoy the full benefits of the SMS channel.

- We deliver 30 billion engagements a year, serving 1000+ enterprise customers
- Adobe campaign user cans easily connect with Sinch to send and receive SMS all over the world.
- With our quick and easy on boarding process enterprises can be live in just a matter of minutes
- We support SMPP over Adobe's TLS as it is implemented in ACS for SMS traffic.
- We can help optimise the content and follow local regulations around SMS and mobile thanks to our local expertise and local teams


Engagement Enablers
Personalized Messaging, Verification and Number Masking

Communication APIs
Messaging, Voice and Video

Operator Portfolio
Revenue Assurance, Enterprise Messenger, RCS as a Service and Network Infrastructure

Super Network
The world's largest global network of direct operator connections.

SMS Messaging
Installation instructions:
SINCH Adobe ACS Instructions v3.pdf


+46 844 682 803


Other information:
If you've run into problems using our services, let us know! We've got a support team standing by, ready to solve your issues and get you back to business.

All of our online customers get the Basic Support package, which includes free 24/7 email support. However, if you are looking for something a little more comprehensive we have the Pro Support Package, with 24/7 telephone support and a 4 hour guaranteed response time, you'll always be covered.

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