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Airbrake JS Notifier
Search Discovery

This extension provides the Airbrake JS Notifier library as a shared module for use by other extensions.

This extension provides the Airbrake JS Notifier library as a shared module for use by other extensions.

This is a technical solution provided for use by the community of Launch extension developers.

Background: At Search Discovery we have two extensions that require the Airbrake JS Notifier module. We could be wasteful and just build the Airbrake JS Notifier module into both of them. But doing so would cause unnecessary bloat to the Launch library for those who use both extensions. Instead, we chose to create this extension so that the module can be included only once. We solved this problem for our own immediate need, but also to allow others to benefit from our work.

Any extension may access this module by calling turbine.getSharedModule(”airbrake-js-notifier-module”, ”airbrake-notifier-js”).
The module returned is the ”Notifier” constructor which may be used to instantiate a configured Airbrake client.

For more information, see the Github repository at https://github.com/airbrake/airbrake-js

For more info on the Airbrake platform, see: https://airbrake.io/

Installation instructions:
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Other information:
Release Notes: https://techdocs.searchdiscovery.com/adobe-solutions/adobe-launch/launch-extensions/airbrake-js-notifier/release-notes-airbrake-js-notifier

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