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Gainsight PX Launch
Gainsight, Inc.

Gainsight PX’s Product Experience Platform empowers product owners

Gainsight PX’s Product Experience Platform empowers product owners

Use the Gainsight PX Launch integration to enable Gainsight PX for your application with no changes required to your application code. By configuring the integration, all the Gainsight PX features will be enabled, including: usage tracking, product analytics, user engagement & user feedback

The Launch integration allows for the PX system to be configured with the unique product key to identify your application. In addition, the integration allows the user identifiers to be passed to the Gainsight PX system from data elements that you have defined within Launch.

Gainsight PX Launch Extension
Release Notes:

v1.0.0 - Initial Release: Includes support for setting user and account ID’s.

Installation instructions:
Experience Platform Launch Extension