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YouTube Playback

The most full-featured extension for tracking playback of all of your YouTube videos. Rich set of events and data elements and support for dynamically loaded players.

The most full-featured extension for tracking playback of all of your YouTube videos. Rich set of events and data elements and support for dynamically loaded players.

Track all of your YouTube video playback with one extension without any custom code!

Traditionally, to track YouTube video playback, you would need to add your own Custom Code to interact with YouTube’s IFrame API. There are numerous solutions describing how to do that, but it was still a complicated and tedious task.

This extension simplifies the process entirely. Install the extension, and you’ll be able to track the playback of all of your YouTube videos, without any Custom Code at all.

This extension provides the following Event types:
- Player Ready
- Video Unstarted
- Video Buffering
- Video Cued
- Video Milestone
- Video Playing, including Video Started, Video Resumed, and Video Replayed
- Video Paused
- Video Ended
- Playback Rate Changed
- Playback Quality Changed
- Player Error

And there are Data Element types to obtain metadata of the video at that moment, such as:
- Video ID
- Video Title
- Video URL
- Current time
- Duration
- Playback rate
- Milestone
- ... and more!

There are also two Action types:
- Enable video playback tracking
- Load YouTube IFrame API script

Use the action to enable playback tracking in any Rule. This is useful when videos are loaded dynamically!

This extension is not produced by YouTube, Google or any Alphabet companies. It has been developed independently for the Adobe Experience Platform Launch community.

Release Notes:

Full changelog: https://github.com/yuhui/launchext-youtube-playback/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

- Optimises YouTube video playback tracking to reduce memory usage

- Tracks video milestones at fixed thresholds of percentages or seconds
- Allows Video Playing to be tracked with different statuses

- Adds data element types to retrieve video playback data.

- Improves playback tracking on slow network connections.
- Allows YouTube IFrame API script to be loaded with a Rule action.

- Allows YouTube video playback tracking to be initialised through a Rule action.

- Enable YouTube playback tracking by providing events for all of the events exposed by the YouTube IFrame API.

Installation instructions:
Experience Platform Launch Extension



Other information:
Full documentation and examples are available at https://github.com/yuhui/launchext-youtube-playback/wiki.

Found a bug? Have an idea for an improvement? Please log an issue at my GitHub repository, and I’ll follow-up there.

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