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Jumpseat for Adobe Experience Manager
JumpSeat llc.

Learn simply. Work confidently. JumpSeat offers real-time software training that removes frustration, creates satisfaction, and builds connectivity across applications.

Learn simply. Work confidently. JumpSeat offers real-time software training that removes frustration, creates satisfaction, and builds connectivity across applications.

JumpSeat will provide guidance on interacting with your Adobe products, e.g. learn how to add and remove keyword tags for assets in Adobe Experience Manager. No matter your marketing role, JumpSeat propels you forward and takes training out of the classroom and puts it right into the application. JumpSeat is real-time software training that removes creative frustration, creates satisfaction, and builds connectivity across interrelated applications.

When your processes are ever-changing, JumpSeat can help your users take flight. Designers, creators, and marketers can optimize Adobe’s new products & features in real-time by experiencing personalized training. JumpSeat’s livestream training guides will ensure that the latest procedures and how-tos of Adobe Experience Cloud are always on and always available, directly in the app. With JumpSeat’s guidance, the adoption of Adobe will be seamless and help your business, plan, predict, collaborate, evolve, and deliver their best work. We provide an end to end process overview to bring your items to market in less time.

JumpSeat will:
+ Drive Adoption: In-app guidance and targeted messaging improves feature adoption
+ Increase accuracy of metadata tags by guiding users through metadata and providing insight to tag definitions.
+ Ensure naming conventions are entered correctly every time
+ Accelerate your time to market by guiding users through your process between application
+ Increase Productivity and Reduce Errors: Reinforce training and keep your team happy and successful
+ Ease Implementation: Innovate faster and smarter with context-aware help and guidance.
+ Engage Your Employees: Show users how to use the software most efficiently.
+ Simplify Repetitive Processes: Assist users during their workday and increase productivity
+ Eliminate User Errors: More reliable data yields more accurate reporting
+ In-depth user analytics to be confident that your team is steadily using Adobe Experience Cloud.

JumpSeat includes a library of prebuilt guides that focus on key Adobe Experience Cloud functionality to increase user adoption. Allow your teams to find solutions independently with JumpSeat’s help on-demand. Enriched structure for workflows fosters creativity, ensuring that users perform tasks effectively without increasing support costs. Streamline processes, work smarter with JumpSeat.


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Installation instructions:
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Other information:
1.Before you submit a request, check out the JumpSeat Knowledge Base page https://support.jumpseat.io to find the answers to the most common questions
2.Go to our help desk page https://leappoint.atlassian.net/servicedesk
3.First time users, must proceed to Sign up for a new account. Returning users, can proceed to access with email credentials.
4.Click on the JumpSeat Icon to navigate to the JumpSeat request page.
5.Select one of the Request Types listed (Technical support, Licensing and billing, Report a bug, Suggest a new feature)
6.Fill out the form to the best of your ability and attach a screenshot. Click Send. A JumpSeat support agent will be in contact with you as soon as possible.