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Differential Privacy

Provides a simple application of differential privacy to select a value from a list.

Provides a simple application of differential privacy to select a value from a list.

Given a list of values, get a value that is either the one that you had selected, or a random one from the list, based on a probability chance.

To preserve user privacy when tracking your users digitally, some randomness can be introduced to data collection. This allows the analyst to be confident that the aggregate results reflect the actual behaviour of the population, while not being fully confident that every individual piece of data is the actual value collected from an individual.

This extension’s application of differential privacy is inspired by Mark Hansen’s ”Differential privacy, an easy case” (source: https://accuracyandprivacy.substack.com/p/differential-privacy-an-easy-case).

Release Notes:

- Updated views’ styles to use Adobe Coral 4.5.0.

- In a Data Element, return a pre-selected item or an item from a list of items using differential privacy.

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