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Vertex Tax
Vertex, Inc.

We deliver comprehensive solutions that automate end-to-end indirect tax processes for enterprises and mid-market companies with complex tax transactions.

We deliver comprehensive solutions that automate end-to-end indirect tax processes for enterprises and mid-market companies with complex tax transactions.

We know tax isn't your primary focus. But it's getting more and more complex. Changing regulations and rapidly-evolving compliance requirements make it difficult for you to understand the implication of tax rules on your business. That's why we make it easy and efficient to meet your tax obligations, so you can get back to running your business. Our hybrid portfolio offers flexible deployment options, rapid time to value, reduced IT support, and continual development of new functionality and UX enhancements. By simplifying and streamlining sales and use tax calculation and reporting, we free you to get back to running, and growing, your business.

App Features

Map Vertex product codes and classes for goods with special tax rates
Vertex centralizes all the rates and rules required for product taxability and accurate calculation of sales and use tax. No need to manage changing tax content manually. Let our research team stay on top of the latest tax changes, while you grow your business.

Map Vertex customer codes and classes for exempt or partially exempt customers
Collect, store, search and report on exemption certificates with ease. And provide your customers a self-serve online portal to simply answer a few questions and generate the required exemption certificates. Accurately manage exemptions on every transaction.

Generate tax returns or have Vertex file and remit on your behalf
Use Vertex technology to produce signature-ready returns in-house using the data from your calculation system. Or send us your data and outsource the entire compliance process to us. You'll spend less time on administrative tasks and refocus on more value-added work.

Embedded real time tax calculation and address cleansing within Adobe Commerce
No more manual calculations. Automate and standardize taxability and calculation on every sales and purchase transaction on every product in every jurisdiction with Vertex for Adobe Commerce. Improve your accuracy, reduce audit risk, and have confidence to grow your business.

Ensure every transaction has the proper tax jurisdiction assignment to trigger the accurate tax calculation rules. Each new address entered is automatically cleansed for errors and the full 9-digit zip code and Tax Area ID is assigned.

Vertex is the only virtually-bundled tax application included with the core of the Adobe Commerce solution.
No custom code needed. No customization of your Adobe Commerce environment needed. Simply enable Vertex within the admin panel, configure your sellable products for proper taxability and Vertex manages address cleansing and accurate tax calculation on every transaction.

Automate VAT determination in your financial systems.
Improve compliance for your cross-border business as governments pass new value added tax (VAT) laws and your obligations grow.

Enable cross-border commerce.
Centralize VAT, GST, and other global indirect taxes with automated solutions for tax determination and reporting.

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Award-Winning Support
Vertex is the only tax technology provider to earn HDI Support Center Certification recognizing our commitment to excellence, efficiency, and service quality.

Our rapid response support team earns exceptional customer satisfaction ratings year after year. In fact, we've achieved certification from HDI, the global leader in technology support standards.

Our Support Commitment
We understand the challenges you face as a tax professional. We don't just provide tax software and move on. We take the time to understand your pain points and help you address them. If you call in for support, we'll listen to your questions carefully and provide answers competently and in a friendly, professional manner.