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ZoomInfo for Sales and Marketo
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Quickly build a massive pipeline that will drive your success with instant access to detailed profiles and background information via integration with Marketo.

Quickly build a massive pipeline that will drive your success with instant access to detailed profiles and background information via integration with Marketo.

With ZoomInfo Enrich for Marketo enriching information has never been easier. Enrich for Marketo allows the information gathered from all your crucial data points, including web forms, sales, and list uploads, to be appended onto their original record. Enrich also permits custom fields to collect supplementary information. In turn, this provides additional enhancement to your data and will arm your team with the accurate information needed to increase workflow efficiency.

Do you know who your prospects are?
Make sure you have the information you need to reach decision makers. Getting an accurate email or phone number should be a given, but knowing a prospect’s industry, title, or background information can make all the difference and help you close the deal.

Incoming leads not giving you the full picture?
When a lead comes in, you might not have all of the relevant information you need to start an intelligent conversation. ZoomInfo can help you fill in the necessary gaps. Append your data with key B2B information (e.g. industry, company revenue and size, title, job function and much more) to help identify sales-ready leads faster and more efficiently.

Dirty data slowing you down?
Within a year, more than 70 percent of B2B data will have one or more changes. How much of your prospect data is outdated or incomplete? If you keep emailing the same contacts without a response, perhaps your prospects have moved to another company. ZoomInfo can help you maintain a fresh and relevant database by eliminating obsolete or duplicate records, updating missing fields to fill in crucial details, checking email addresses for deliverability, and adding valuable contacts at the companies you care about most.

Need more leads?
Stop wasting time doing manual research to find prospects. Use ZoomInfo to create new opportunities by finding the right contacts and companies for your business solution. You can quickly pull contacts from either targeted market segments or find decision makers at new companies or ones you may already be working with. Either way, ZoomInfo’s extensive database can help you start new conversations and drive revenue.

Maximize Lead Quality and Quantity with ZoomInfo FormComplete

Access to detailed contact and business information is the key to achieving the best results from your marketing campaigns. However, requiring visitors to fill in numerous form fields leads to higher bounce rates, inaccurate field submissions, and lower conversion rates.

Getting a lot of asdf@gmail.com email addresses or incomplete form field submissions? Fill in the blanks and correct misleading information. With ZoomInfo FormComplete you can ensure that the data you’re collecting is accurate and complete.

Tired of routing Kermit the Frog to your sales team? Let ZoomInfo filter out bad leads from flowing through your sales funnel. FormComplete provides quality flags and helps determine if the lead form was submitted with inaccurate or missing information, compares it to the ZoomInfo database, and fills in the incomplete data points on demand, directly into your system. Drastically increase conversion rates, improve targeting and segmentation, enhance the accuracy of your database, and route and score leads in real time with ZoomInfo.

Increase conversion rates

Reduce the number of form fields and increase the likeliness that visitors will provide you with their information, resulting in more submissions and field accuracy. Get the information you need without having to ask for it for your prospects.

Improve targeting and segmentation

Duplicate the successes of past campaigns with access to demographic and firmographic information on your leads. Score and send hot leads to sales in real time.

Enhance the accuracy of your database

Eliminate bad data in your database by ensuring the information you’re capturing from leads is accurate and consistent. Cleanse and fill in the blanks with important demographic and firmographic information, helping enrich the information flowing into your CRM and to your sales team.

Maintain a consistent CRM environment

Use the normalization features to ensure all of the information flowing into your CRM is in the format you need, making sure the lead is sent to the right campaign or territory.

Contact: sales@zoominfo.com for more information.

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