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Bounteous Extension for Adobe Launch and Marketo

Easily track and associate leads with the Marketo extension for Adobe Launch.

Easily track and associate leads with the Marketo extension for Adobe Launch.

The Bounteous team of Marketo and Adobe Platinum Regional Partners, released the Marketo extension for Adobe Launch in the midst of Marketo’s transition to the Adobe Experience Cloud.

By implementing the Marketo extension for Adobe Launch, you add the power of Marketo’s industry-leading Marketing Automation software to your site by way of Adobe Launch. This extension allows you to initialize lead tracking, capture click events, and track page visits efficiently. In addition, you can load and control your Marketo forms directly, without having to deploy code.

The Adobe Launch extension provides an easy way to leverage Marketo’s Marketing Automation power on all your web properties with just a few clicks!

Bounteous creates big-picture digital solutions that help leading companies deliver transformational digital brand experiences. Our expertise includes Strategy, Experience Design, Technology, Analytics and Insight, and Marketing. We form problem-solving partnerships with our clients to envision, design, and build their digital futures.

- Real-Life User Activity: Track your end-user page visits and link clicks so you can create your marketing funnels and campaigns based on real life user activity on your site.
- Convert anonymous users: Load in lead generation web forms that allow you to convert anonymous website users into known leads that you can target in your Marketo campaigns.
- Easy-to-use interface: The extension provides an easy-to-use interface that implements the Marketo Munchkin and Form JS APIs.
- Full control over Launch actions: Various configuration options in the extension UI give you full control over your Launch actions.
- No programming knowledge required: Simple as that. You can load and control your Marketo forms on your web property without having to deploy code.

- Initialize lead tracking
- Capture click events & visits
- Load and control forms
- No Need to deploy code

Additional Information:
Region - North America
Sub-Regions - Benelux, Canada, USA

Installation instructions:
Marketo for Adobe Launch - Installation Guide.pdf




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