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Enable B2B PunchOut Catalog capabilities for Adobe Commerce with any cXML or OCI procurement system including SAP Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle and more!

Enable B2B PunchOut Catalog capabilities for Adobe Commerce with any cXML or OCI procurement system including SAP Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle and more!

PunchOut2Go is a global B2B integration and data translation company that specializes in technology solutions to connect B2B Commerce and spend management procurement applications, such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle and many more. Supporting thousands of PunchOut catalogs, electronic purchase orders, eInvoicing, and other B2B order automation integrations worldwide, PunchOut2Go reduces cost and complexity and makes B2B Commerce integrations easy!

The PunchOut2Go for Adobe Commerce extension allows businesses to enable PunchOut catalog functionality within your Adobe Commerce eCommerce platform. A PunchOut catalog is a vendor's web-based catalog that buyers access from within their organization's procurement application in order to shop specific product offerings at contracted prices. The buyer leaves (punches out from) their procurement application and enters the supplier's punchout catalog. The buyer browses and adds items to the shopping cart while both applications maintain their connection. During the checkout process, no payment information is entered. Instead, the buyer transfers their shopping cart back to the procurement application where a purchase requisition is created and routed within their organization for approval. To learn more about PunchOut Catalogs, see our video: https://www.punchout2go.com/punchout-catalogs/punchout-magento or visit our FAQ page: https://www.punchout2go.com/frequently-asked-questions.

The PunchOut2Go for Adobe Commerce extension integrates your Adobe Commerce store with the PunchOut2Go Gateway, an adaptable cloud-based platform technology that sits between your Adobe Commerce store and any of your customers on any procurement system to harmonize data, such as PunchOut Order Requests and PunchOut Order Messages, enabling all systems to communicate effectively. PunchOut2Go for Adobe Commerce is available for all versions of Adobe Commerce.

A PunchOut2Go subscription is required to use the PunchOut2Go for Adobe Commerce extension. Additional fees apply. Please contact PunchOut2Go to get started: https://www.punchout2go.com/contact.


Easy installation and configuration. Setup support from PunchOut2Go is provided for PunchOut2Go for Adobe Commerce extension.
Real-time Testing and Analytics. Access to the PunchOut2Go Portal is included to test and simulate each PunchOut Catalog integration and access real-time data analytics to measure conversions and track performance.
Enables PunchOut Authentication. Automatic user creation and secure authentication for procurement and ERP systems.
Enables PunchOut Cart Return. Seamless integration of cart data for procurement and ERP systems.
Compatible with any system. Supporting any method of PunchOut including cXML, OCI Procurement or ERP System - Easily connect with any procurement or ERP system.
Integrate with your current theme. The extension will work with any theme.
Make your store public or PunchOut only. You can utilize an existing public store or set up your store to be PunchOut only.
Use a single store or multiple stores for different buyers. Maintain a single product catalog to offer to multiple buying organizations.
Customize pricing and pricing tiers to each buying organization. Provide special negotiated pricing to specific buying organizations.
Customize your catalog to a buying organization. Offer only approved products to a buyer with a custom store.
Customize your store design for a specific buyer. Uniquely co-brand a custom store for a buyer.
Support complex product types. Simple, customizable, grouped, and configurable products.
Extendable. Extend the PunchOut2Go for Adobe Commerce technology to deal with special cases without compromising the ability to update.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How are PunchOut users authenticated?

A: Depending on the e-procurement system, user accounts are typically created on-the-fly, associated with a store and assigned to a specific customer group. Alternatively, a default user can be designated.

Q: How do I ensure the appropriate products and pricing are displayed?

A: Adobe Commerce Merchants can leverage store configurations and/or customer group rules using Adobe Commerce standard or unstandardized conventions.

Q:What about e-Invoicing?

A: If your customer supports receiving electronic invoices and you would like to send invoices from Adobe Commerce to your customer(s) e-procurement system, contact PunchOut2Go to discuss potential solutions. Invoices can be auto-triggered off Adobe Commerce events such as ship notices or completed order status.

Q: How do I track PunchOut related orders?

A: If your customer supports sending purchase orders electronically using cXML, EDI, XML, xCBL or any other machine-readable data format and you subscribe to PunchOut2Go's purchase order service for Adobe Commerce, orders can be sent back into Adobe Commerce and/or ERP system to allow merchants to leverage downstream automation and order workflow processes. PunchOut2Go can also link purchase orders to their corresponding PunchOut sessions and retrieve data from the PunchOut request and return-cart message and write that data into the purchase order. Contact PunchOut2Go for additional information.

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