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NetWise Data
NetWise Data, LLC

NetWise Data provides "Farm-to-Table" B2B2C Audiences affordably at scale.

NetWise Data provides "Farm-to-Table" B2B2C Audiences affordably at scale.

NetWise Data builds unique B2BC marketing products using a diverse set of source data and proprietary aggregation, cleansing and merging algorithms and processes. We source data through license agreements with third parties and by aggregating data from the public domain. Portions of our database are updated monthly and the entire database is updated every 90 days.

Our B2B database contains over 50MM business card records combined with information on 7MM companies for omnichannel marketing.

• Function and Seniority: seniority, functional area, sub functional area, decision makers
• Firmographics: company Size, Company Revenue, Industry... • Manufacturing: products manufactured, certifications, government suppliers...
• Technologies Installed: cloud technologies, data center, enterprise applications...
• Family, Luxury Travellers, Purchase Behavior

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