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GlobalLink Connect Plus for AEM

GlobalLink Connect Plus for Adobe Experience Manager permits you to easily connect AEM with Translations.com’s GlobalLink.

GlobalLink Connect Plus for Adobe Experience Manager permits you to easily connect AEM with Translations.com’s GlobalLink.

Translations.com’s GlobalLink Connect Plus integrates with all versions of Adobe Experience Manager (Communique, CQ, AEM 5.x, AEM 6.x, etc), providing users with a powerful solution to initiate, automate, control, track, and complete all facets of the translation process. The unique combination of the robust AEM functionality and the extended localization workflow capabilities of GlobalLink Connect Plus gives Adobe users a comprehensive platform to manage enterprise content for markets around the globe. Please visit Package Share to download this integration.

Unmatched Experience: Having worked with Adobe for over 6 years, Translations.com has unparalleled experience in supporting Adobe customers. Over 4,000 companies have implemented GlobalLink to help make the translation process easier, faster, and cheaper.

Seamless Integration: Business users can initiate translation workflows through GlobalLink without having to leave the AEM user interface. Content can also be automatically routed for translation via workflow integration.

Effortless Deployment: The installation of GlobalLink Connect for Adobe Experience Manager has minimal impact on your IT environment and staff. No dedicated hardware or IT personnel are required, and Translations.com will provide world-class technical support and installation services to meet all your global needs.

Translations Memory Integration: The integration of AEM with GlobalLink enables AEM users to realize the benefits of translation memory on all of their projects. Translation memory is a tool that stores previously translated content, allowing clients to reuse content where appropriate. This integration provides AEM users with maximum cost savings and flexibility since source-language content is automatically routed out into a translation workflow and pre-processed against a server-based TM, which pre-populates projects with 100% match content before the project is submitted for localization.

For additional information, visit www.translations.com/adobe..

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Package Id: GlobalLink:gs4tr-globallink-adaptors-aem:5.8.2

Version: 5.8.2

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Full Location: /content/companies/private/translations/packages/GlobalLink/gs4tr-globallink-adaptors-aem

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