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Visual IQ
Visual IQ

Measure & Optimize Marketing & Advertising Performance Against Your High Value Audiences.

Measure & Optimize Marketing & Advertising Performance Against Your High Value Audiences.

Adobe Audience Manager customers integrate their audience attributes and segments into Visual IQ’s Marketing Intelligence Platform to measure consolidated audience and marketing performance across all their marketing and advertising channels. Identify which audiences are engaging with your brand and turning into converters. Analyze which channels and tactics (e.g. keywords, placements, targeting strategies) are not only reaching your audiences, but are also effectively driving conversions against them. Uncover which creative messages, offers and content resonate best with each audience to optimize the customer experience.

Adobe Media Optimizer customers integrate Visual IQ’s multi-touch attribution metrics into Media Optimizer on a daily basis to inform search management bidding and optimization based on cross-channel, multi-touch attribution metrics, rather than last touch metrics.

Visual IQ is the world’s leading marketing intelligence software provider. It combines audience data with attribution measurement in a single platform, providing audience-based marketing and advertising performance insights and the inter- and intra-channel optimization recommendations needed to drive business goals and maximize return.

Visual IQ can be reached at info@visualiq.com or by visiting www.visualiq.com.

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