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Comscore Content Segments

Comscore content segments provide actionable page-level insights that help identify content based on brand safety, contextual relevance, quality and audience composition.

Comscore content segments provide actionable page-level insights that help identify content based on brand safety, contextual relevance, quality and audience composition.

Quality ad performance requires the right context. To achieve the right environment for your campaign, you need filters for content that is brand-safe, high-quality and relevant to your target consumer.

Brand Safety
Page-level insights from the second-largest commercial crawler* – interpreted by proprietary categorization technology – connect you with brand-safe content at scale. Combine descriptive filters and custom keyword avoidance in pre-bid to protect campaigns based on unique needs while preserving reach.

Available brand safety segments:
- 20 Pre-Built Safety Filters
- Custom Keywords and Phrases (Avoidance)
- 20 Languages

Contextual Relevance
Proprietary Comscore categorization technology classifies page content across hundreds of industry standard categories to help you deliver ads in highly-relevant environments. For greater specificity, create bespoke taxonomies and layer in customizable keyword targets to achieve even stronger ad delivery.

Available contextual relevance segments:
- IAB Categories and Sub-Categories
- Custom Keywords and Phrases (Target)
- Custom Segments

Quality Delivery
Set campaigns up for in-flight success by filtering for ad quality before you buy. Comscore verification insights from vCE – including viewability and invalid traffic (IVT) scores – and rankings from Media Metrix® suite help identify quality inventory in pre-bid environments to reduce wasted ad spend and achieve greater ROI.

Available quality delivery segments:
- Viewability
- Invalid Traffic
- Media Metrix and Video Metrix Rankings
- Page Quality
- Ad Noticeability

Audience Composition
Leverage granular insights into audiences reached by specific pages from trusted Comscore Media Metrix data to target inventory that over-indexes for specific age/gender targets.

Available audience composition segments:
- Age
- Gender
- Legal Drinking Age

Why Comscore?
PRECISE: Comscore's brand safety solution leverages page-level analysis to help marketers fine-tune their strategies. Our crawler and contextual engine extracts the true essence of the topics and themes that are actually being referenced and discussed on a given page, providing a more precise understanding of page content.

SEAMLESS: Cookie-free, easy-to-integrate insights based on page topics and visitor composition indices help you reach key audiences with resonant messages

SCALE: Comscore's massive digital footprint helps you deliver campaigns at scale while preserving ROI and brand-safety.

Release Notes:

Updated our logo and branding, added in more details on the various types of segments that we provide

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