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  • Wiland Ultimate
    Wiland audiences- those powered by AMEX® or informed by social media behavior—pinpoint U.S. consumers who are in-market and likely to buy in a given category.
  • Stirista
    Stirista is an offline compiler of consumer and business data. The Stirista consumer data consists of essentially every U.S. adult.
  • Acxiom Corporation
    Acxiom is a consumer data provider with a large amount of offline data used for segmentation for a wide range of segments including demographic and purchase intent.
  • Experian Marketing Services
    Experian is an original compiler of consumer information empowering marketers to reach, engage, and transact with customers and prospects across all marketing channels
  • Acuity Ads Inc.
    AcuityAds Onboarding enables the integration of consumer data with Adobe Audience Manager for further segmentation, activation and analysis.
  • Graphinium
    Graphinium enables the integration of consumer data with Adobe Audience Manager for further segmentation, activation and analysis.
  • Wiland Ultimate
    Plunge Digital consumer & business databases produce precise target audiences that power the world’s top brands/agencies’ marketing campaigns.
  • Neustar
    Marketers rely on Neustar to plan and optimize omni-channel campaigns. We ensure Adobe customers have access to validated and up-to-date consumer information.
  • Specialists Marketing Services, Inc.
    Refine online market segmentation with a robust collection of Demographic & Lifestyle traits from CC360 data such as Age, Income, Gender, Education level, DMA, and more.
  • Alliant
    Alliant Audiences provides marketers with access to a unique source of predictive data, powerful data science, and strategic insight into consumer behaviors.
  • Gigya
    Drive user engagement and conversions across your site or app by tying consumers social and on-site actions, collected via Gigya’s Social Login and Plugins.
  • MaxPoint Interactive
    Adobe Audience Manager customers use MaxPoint’s multi-channel audiences for precision targeting at scale. Confidently reach your in-market consumers with MaxPoint.
  • Experian Marketing Services
    Experian Marketing Services (EMS) audience segments are powered by our industry-leading compiled consumer database: ConsumerView.
  • Vibes
    Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform enables marketers to engage one to one with today’s hyper-connected mobile consumers at scale.
  • Tremor Video
    Tremor Video helps make every advertising moment more relevant for consumers. The company's heritage as custodians of the most recognized advertiser and publisher brand
  • V12
    V12 Data
    V12 Group is an offline consumer data provider supplying a wide range of audience data.